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  1. Dino's Balls

    Rory and Dino have been shopping for Christmas decorations and want to show them off to Agnes - prepare for a laugh, as usual.
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    Rory's Unscripted Scene

    Agnes calls Rory back in yet another unscripted scene that Rory isn't aware of, but the outcome is hilarious.
  3. The Venice Scene

    Rory is supposed to be sad, but when Agnes ad-libs a scene he isn't sad for long - lol.
  4. The Digestive Biscuit

    Agnes loves her digestive biscuits, but there's only one left - see what happens when Rory tries to take it.
  5. Rory's coming out

    Rory's coming out and decides to tell his mother, Agnes, but it's not plain sailing at all.
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    Granddad's Temperature

    Granddad is not well and the doctor needs to take his temperature, but Granddad doesn't like the thermometer - what happens next is hilarious.
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    Bono Shoots Granddad

    Bono is firing arrows at Granddad, but Agnes gets a surprise when Bono tells her what his mother calls her - a real lol moment.
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    Crash Helmet baby

    Agnes has a part in the Nativity play and she has some unusual ideas for the Virgin birth - not quite what an audience would expect.
  9. Revolving Christmas Tree

    Agnes has another new Christmas tree this time it revolves to make decorating it easier - no it doesn't lol.
  10. Singing Christmas Tree

    Agnes has a brand new Christmas Tree that sings - great until it starts and forgets to stop.
  11. Crash Helmet Song

    Granddad has learned a new song, taught to him by none other than Agnes, you can imagine that there is something extra to the Crash helmet song
  12. Granddad as a table

    In an attempt to fool the insurance company that Granddad is dead Agnes tries to disguise Granddad as a table.
  13. Granddad's memory test quiz

    Agnes is giving Granddad a memory test quiz in the hope that they will put him into care while she takes a break.
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    Agnes is on hold

    Agnes is trying to find a home to take Granddad for a week and she's on hold - not a good thing lol.
  15. The Wedding Video Man

    The unexpected man for the wedding video is seen in Agnes's kitchen - not planned, but funny.